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Hiking: Part I

In the last couple of years, I’ve developed several hobbies that are closely related to one another. I still remember that a friend of mine, well, actually a roommate back when I was in Karlsruhe, recommended me to get a camera. Since I had no prior experience in photography, I then asked him what type of camera should I get. He had 3 options up his sleeve (I’m just exaggerating) but all of them were Fujifilm cameras. Before this, the only thing that I know from Fujifilm was just that they are a camera company that sells some kind of films for the analog cameras but I wasn’t sure whether they actually sell any type of camera. I ended up with xt-20 which hit the perfect spot. It is not heavy and very compact, up to which point this someone can mistake this for a concealed weapon. I love this camera so much and to this day it still is my go-to camera whenever I go hiking. Ohh I haven’t talked anything about hiking. Let’s continue talking about the camera again. At some point, after using the xt-20 I actually envied this friend/roommate of mine who has xt2 because there are several features that you don’t get in xt-20, for instance, the water resistance. Not only xt-2 (the bigger sibling of xt-20) has a water resistance feature which allows photographer to take photos during the rain, of course when paired with a water resistance lens, but it also has a better screen and that “joystick”, Italian chef mwah. After a while, I was so tempted to get xt-2 but it was quite expensive but heck, I was so persistent in getting this camera, when I googled turned out there was x-pro2 which suits kind of in different style of photography. I immediately clicked buy button so no xt-2 but yes x-pro2. I was sold on this camera. X-pro2 then became my companion for 2 years and I didn’t use my xt-20 and the latter was handed to my brother for a while. Until I realise how weight difference matter

Now I think it’s best to talk about the hiking hobby that I mentioned earlier. So, back then before studying at uni, I had to attend 1-year college (in German it’s called Studienkolleg) to learn German, Physics, Maths and Informatics. I come from Indonesia, where our education is not somehow graded equivalently. I asked a German friend how long did he study in school. He said 13 years, although it varies by region. Then I was like, okay. But enough with this, my point, at this college I met a lecturer who always invited the students for a hike. Hiking for me used to be such a strange concept, I don’t know why people would take a long walk for nothing, or probably I understand the idea, but I have no idea that this type of activity is called hiking. I used to take a long walk just to get to this place where the view is mesmerising but that was it, no adequate equipment, t-shirt and thongs/sandals. When I was in Australia my host family also used to bring me to the nearest beach, but they didn’t tell me that this type of activity is called hiking. Back then in Indonesia, I wasn’t active in any kind of sports activity besides football, although there was this thing called “Smalapala” (A nature-lover group in my high school back in Surabaya), I wish I had joined them because now I want to do what they do. My sport hobby is now averted, I was keen on playing football but strangely not any more, I would prefer to have a very long hike instead of playing football. I don’t do yoga but hiking releases a lot of stress for me (mind-wise) but the opposite for my body. It tires me

This lecturer who is now in his late 70s has the energy of 40 years old person or 50 at the very least. Definitely, during a hike, he would surpass some of the students who were invited and wait for everyone again at a point and would repeat this until we stay for a rest without looking seemingly exhausted. Most of the time he invited me to go hiking and I gladly (or had to) accept because I was in this group of friends, and they always nag me into doing this. But glad I am. Okay so I did bring my camera wherever we go, and suddenly they all call me the camera guy. I’ve joined more than probably 10 hikes. Would do this activity more together, but since I have moved to Aachen for my master’s degree, I cannot join them any more. Well I could but 60 euros for around journey ticket, I’ll have so much to think about. Anyway, hiking like this becomes a habit, I often go somewhere alone and bring my camera. I would travel almost weekly because I have this student ticket that allows me to go wherever I want in a region for free (I mean you pay the ticket in advance, but it was kinda dirt cheap). This would mean I have, practically, unlimited selection on what I want to do.